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Motor City Comic Con 2014 - DAY ONE!

Well folks, finally here we are! Day Numero Uno of Motor City Comic Con in Novi!  It didn't take long to see that this year's convention is larger in scope, though I'm not so sure that it could possibly overwhelm the sheer volume of convention goers from last year with grandiose crowd gathering appearances by both Stan Lee and Norman Reedus.  
When I pulled up to the Suburban Collection Showplace around 11:00 it was teeming with massive lines of one would expect.  I ran into my good buddy,  awesome artist (* on ARCHER) and fellow Alpha Omega teammate Tim Kafantaris on the way in.  It was great to see him and he was geared up with some scrumptious looking prints.

Awww yeah. 

Wait, u haven't seen Humphrey & Spud?
C'mon son.

After we got to our station and got set up a bit, we immediately took a gander around the showroom floor and ran into one of our favorite artists, Skottie Young.

From there it just got more and more fun.  I got to briefly see both Katie Cook and David Petersen.
Oh I'll be back.  Don't you worry.

Of course we also got to see a smorgasbord of  fans dressed up in epic outfits...


Eventually, I returned to the table to find our fearless leader Michael Nathan Winn in a harrowing vicious battle to the death with a diabolical Dark Sith Lord.  Fortunately for us Mike just so happened to have his Light Saber on him...

After a swift and acrobatic dispatching of the foul and malevolent menace Mike nonchalantly went on to drawing this fun commissioned sketch of beloved ARMSMASTERS character, Collette.
No sweat.

Anyhoo, after all of that I figured the least I could do was man the table for a bit and let Tim and Mike take turns making some brief rounds about the convention.  Every visitor was great  and a lot of people showed some genuine interest and support.  We even sold a few books! 
Hey we love you guys too!

When they got back I eagerly launched myself back into the fray to peruse the toy section, looking for old school schtuff...obviously.

 $125??  I had this soft head the time I wanted to send him back.

Freaking Galvatron.
I still kinda regret destroying my Galvatron with a metal Louisville Slugger immediately after watching the Transformers movie in the theater in 1986...kinda.

If I remember right, I suppose I may have taken some 
issue with the death of some important characters...idk. 

There could have been someone I thought was important that shouldn't have died.
Whatever I was 9.


 Platinum Edition Optimus Prime.  I just had to caress the box...ever so gently.

 "Oncccccce wasssss a man...."

Yeah, I really do have $420 extra dollars lying around for arbitrary albeit 
awesome looking gremlins in smoking jackets and blue bibs (or is that a flat ascot?).
...I just somehow forgot to buy him and ended up snapping a picture by mistake.  
Whoopsie.  I'll correct that error next time.

So apparently I was gone from the Alpha Omega table again for far too long because R2D2 showed up and hassled me, getting all up close to my crochetal region, making inappropriate bleeps, bloops and "Rrrrrraaaaawooowwwrrs!" and whatnot until he could corral me back by Table G6.  I really tried to juke him out but he kept cutting me off and tasering me with his wacky electro-appendage

At this point, I turn around and see the final member of our quartet 'o' awesomeness, Michael Dinkelis.  Mike D's inking skills (among other illustration talents) are nothing short of disgusting (in a good way).  Love it.

Well certainly the latecomer wanted to hang out at the table and represent AO.  I couldn't deprive him of said opportunity could I?  COULD I?  Of course not, I mean what do I look like?  Indeed I had one more stop I needed to make to make my Day One at Motor City Comicon complete.

Andy Suriano & Tyler Shainline. 

So let's assume you don't recognize the name Andy Suriano.  Thats ok, I didn't either at first.  I know for certain you have seen his work.  He's got under his belt 4 Seasons as a character designer on Samurai Jack and won an Annie Award in 2003 for"Best Character Designer in a TV Production".  He also worked on a personal favorite of mine: Star Wars The Clone Wars.  No not the 3D one either.
This one.  If you have not seen should.

Honestly that's just the tip of the proverbial iceberg.  But no matter, do your own research if you wanna.  I have a friend at work who knows Mister Suriano and highly recommended that I visit his booth.   After seeing his artbook, it became it was something that I knew that I needed to do, even if it was just to cop one of the books for myself.

Needless to say Andy and Tyler were beyond inspiring, welcoming, encouraging and supportive of my first go as an artist at Comic Con.  I can't enunciate how much I appreciated that time we got to have a real creative exchange.  We bought each others books, and chatted about all kinds of stuff.

They even prompted a pic with my artbook, and I excitedly took a pic with their SUPER HEYUGE Comic: "Liberty Justice" a sexy colorful futuristic blaxploitation sci-fi comic.  Ultra cool.

By the by, if I hadn't clearly said so yet, Tyler Shainline is the writer of Liberty Justice and is a really awesome guy. As a matter of fact he pointed me in the direction of (and in no ways encouraged me to partake in) some guffaw inducing NES Cartridge "flasks".

 Drunk Hunt

Yeah that says "Castle Vodka".

With a simply marvelous day one winding down,  I took notice at some things I don't really know why I missed this Ninja Turtle made completely out of balloons.

Apparently someone puts this on and will reportedly be walking around in this tomorrow.
And let's not mince words, isn't that what Comic Con is all about?

Finally as we walk out, we see this beautiful pre-sunset sky...
...and then as if on cue, my crew strikes this pose.

I gotta say, today was a good day.
What more could I ask for?

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Jod said...

Hey Dwight! Seems like Motorcity comicon was a blast this year. I was wondering what that lady in the Lenonardo costume was wearing on day two... like perhaps the costume she spent 2 years working on inadvertently got left in the sun the day before the comion. I guess it's a great result considering it's made out of balloons. Anyways, thanks for posting pictures and recapping.

Dwight Williamson II said...

It was mindblowingly facemeltingly phantasmagorical...and I had a good time too. I'm glad u got a chance to check the posts out! It was a pleasure to be there and a lot of fun to recap. Take it easy and draw something!

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