Thursday, September 5, 2013

GOLIGO Comic Page Coloring Test

Recently I submitted entries for a coloring test by one of my favorite artists.  Baptiste Gaubert (Gobi) of the phenomenally creative Catfish Deluxe trio is working on the first volume of his graphic novel GoligoOn his blog, he basically gave the internet art community an opportunity to become his colorist for this series!

If you are not familiar with the work of this group of artists, you should slap yourself and get familiar asap!  The work of the artists of Catfish Deluxe is fun, colorful, zany, bizarre, hilarious and brilliant all at the same time.  Artistically, their style, grasp of color, composition and form is second to none and has been a constant source of inspiration for me for years.

Anyhow I wanted to post my entries into this"contest."  So below you will see Baptiste Gaubert's line works, and my colors.  I gotta say, I learned so much from this and see it as a valuable lesson even if I don't score the gig.  Thanks Gobi!

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