Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Making of A Model Sheet: Otis Spatulus

Alright!  I'm back for another shot at making model sheets for my future comic series "The Adventures of High-Speed Waffle-Man".  So here is my WIP.

 If I hadn't said it before, model sheets can be challenging.  Drawing "on model" is harder than it looks.    Little by little, I'm replacing old drawings with some new ones and refining my schtuff.

I referenced some sick model sheets from the new ThunderCats cartoon series on Cartoon Network, to build my template for my model sheets. Check em' out!

 Source: The Dork Review

 The model sheet that I designed is a mixture of the Thundercats style and some model sheets I saw from reference for some Disney and Warner Bros. characters as seen below.

Courtesy of Warner Bros. World rights reserved.

Overall I'm pleased with the result but I do notice things I'd like to improve. Anyhow, thanks to you for checking it out!  Peace.
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